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Are you looking for new ways to incorporate CBD into your daily routine? From our mouth-watering CBD Gummies to our decadent CBD Chocolate, the Love Hemp range of CBD edibles are a tasty, convenient way to get your daily dose of CBD at home or on-the-go.

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CBD Edibles FAQ

What are CBD Edibles?

CBD edibles are simply a form of cannabidiol that you can eat (i.e. any CBD infused food or drink). There are many hemp-derived CBD products on the market but CBD edibles are a great place to start.

Perfect for beginners, our award-winning CBD Dark Chocolate Balls and CBD Jelly Domes are a tasty way to get your daily dose of CBD without the earthy taste.

At Love Hemp, we specialise in broad-spectrum CBD which provides the most robust experience for those who want to avoid THC. Our broad-spectrum CBD Chocolate and CBD Gummies are THC free with plenty of of hemp-fuelled goodness!

Why are CBD Edibles perfect for beginners?

CBD edibles provide all the wellness-promoting benefits of CBD in a tasty, on the go treat! If you're new to CBD, edibles are a great option if you don't like the taste of CBD oil or struggle to swallow capsules. They also offer an easy way to track and tailor your CBD consumption to best suit your needs.

From CBD Jelly Domes to CBD Dark Chocolate Balls, we provide premium, broad-spectrum CBD edibles to satisfy your sweet tooth while delivering all the benefits of CBD. Decide which CBD edible is right for you and get started on your CBD journey!

What are the differences between CBD Edibles and CBD Oil?

CBD oil has a natural, earthy flavour which for first-time users can be quite unpleasant. This flavour is masked by CBD edibles which are a fun way to enjoy your daily dose of CBD at home or on the move. That being said, we also offer a range of flavoured CBD oils if you’re looking for something more palatable.

The main difference between CBD oil and CBD edibles is the rate of absorption. CBD edibles have a delayed onset because your body takes time to digest and metabolise them, whereas CBD oils taken sublingually (placed under your tongue) are absorbed by your mucus membranes and thus enter into your bloodstream faster. With sublingual application, you’ll feel the effects much more quickly but how long CBD stays in your system depends on a variety of factors.

How much CBD is in an edible?

Every brand is different but dosages can range from 5mg to 50mg CBD per serving. Our CBD Dark Chocolate Balls contain 50mg CBD per pack and can be consumed in one sitting, while our CBD Plus Gummies are formulated for daily use with 10mg CBD per gummy. Our best-selling CBD Jelly Domes are available in two options – a 50mg travel pack with 5mg CBD per sweet and a 600mg jar with 20mg CBD per sweet. If you’re new to CBD, we recommend starting with a low dose of 10mg then increase dosage as required.

Remember, CBD is a supplement so it can take up to 4 weeks of regular use to notice a significant change, the key is to remain consistent and don’t be afraid to experiment with dosage and
strength. However, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) advises that healthy adults should not exceed a daily CBD intake of 70mg. You should keep this recommended dosage in mind when you consume our CBD edibles.

What do CBD Edibles taste like?

CBD edibles taste like the type of edible they are. All of our CBD edibles have been carefully curated to deliver great authentic taste, so it is unsurprising that our velvety smooth CBD Dark Chocolate Balls taste exactly like chocolate! This is what makes our CBD edibles so popular, providing users with a simple, convenient way to try CBD without the distinctive taste.