CBD Edibles

Are you looking for new ways to incorporate CBD into your daily routine? Have you already looked at and tried the CBD oilssprays, and capsules we have on offer? Our range of CBD edibles provides all the wellness-promoting benefits of CBD in a tasty, on-the-go treat! If you are new to CBD, edibles could be a great place to start, offering an easy way to track and tailor your CBD consumption to suit your needs and tolerance level.

CBD-infused edibles typically take longer to kick in as they take time to metabolise, as opposed to CBD oil which will enter your system straight away if you take it sublingually.

CBD jelly domes tCBD dark chocolate balls, we provide premium broad-spectrum CBD edibles that will both satisfy your sweet tooth and give you your daily dose of CBD! What more could you want?

Decide which CBD edible is right for you below and get started on your CBD journey!