Making the Most of Summer

Making the Most of Summer

August will soon be coming to a swift end, and that means summer won’t be here much longer. However, there is still time to soak up what’s left of this sunny season with exciting activities while finding easy ways to incorporate your CBD intake.


Sun, Sea and Activities

While summer is still here, it’s a good time to indulge in some of the beautiful nature sights across the UK. In the North, you can visit sites such as the famous Lake District in Cumbria for boat trips and guided walks, and the Cairngorms for quiet walks in scenic Scotland.  For those in the Midlands, head to Derbyshire and check out Chatsworth House for guided tours and a cool outdoor cinema!  In the South, you can go to places like the Seven Sisters Cliffs in Sussex and Jurassic Coast in Dorset.  We really do have a huge amount of wonderful sights on this humble little isle.

For beach lovers, there are many beaches scattered all over the UK which boast rich blue waters and golden sands to sink your feet into. The likes of Porth Joke in Cornwall and Botany Bay in Kent are just the few hidden beaches that are still undiscovered to many and a wonderful opportunity to soak all the sun in its glory, whenever it comes for the rest of the season.

Aside from beautiful natural places and sights to escape to, outdoor activities are integral for good mental health. Gardening, fruit picking and even exercising (alone or with friends) can be an effective way to boost your mood as well as immersing yourself in the environment.

While out in nature, you can incorporate your CBD intake with our sweet Edibles (Jelly Domes and Dark Chocolate Balls) while walking or even going on a boat ride, or perhaps as a sweet snack during a picnic! Share with your friends, they’ll love you for it!  Whatever you try before summer ends, remember to take care of yourself and really take in all the beautiful natural landscapes the UK has to offer while nature is in full bloom.


Possible Heatwave?

According to an iNews article, it is unlikely that there will be a heatwave but rather warm spells mainly in the South and East and light rain around the Northwest within the last weeks of August.

Despite that, it is still important for us to keep hydrated and keep cool during any warm weather we may experience.  If you are a cocktail fan, be sure to try a CBD-Infused Cherry Margarita Recipe for a refreshing beverage to cool you down!  Recipe available here: CBD Infused Cherry Margarita – Love Hemp 


Incorporating CBD Into Your Summer Picnic

There is no better time than the present to enjoy the fresh air and make the most of these warmer months, and one of the best ways to do that is to have a picnic at your local park or even one of UK’s impressive national parks.  While our sweet edibles are a welcome addition to the picnic menu, you can also try some of our CBD-infused recipes, lovingly created by Love Hemp Ambassador, @pescatarianldn which are available on our blog page. 


Getting The Best of The Natural Daylight.

Summer means sun and that means a natural consumption of Vitamin D while you still can get it.  

Vitamin D isn’t the only benefit of natural daylight. According to a Healthline article, studies have shown that natural daylight can also improve sleep, ward off seasonal depression and reduce the impact of unnatural light amongst many other things.   

It is known that while natural daylight is key for a sense of wellbeing, it can helps control your natural sleep-and-wake cycle, otherwise known as circadian rhythm.  Another way to avoid messing up your sleep pattern is to avoid what is known as “blue light” or the light that comes from electronic screens. Blue light can mess with your body's ability to prepare for sleep because it blocks a hormone called melatonin that makes you sleepy.  

So make the most of summer whilst it’s still here!  Indulge in nature-driven adventures across the country, keep up with your CBD intake and be creative by incorporating it into drink and meal recipes, expose yourself to as much natural light as possible, and keep positive 😊

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