Love Yourself this Valentine’s Day with CBD

Love Yourself this Valentine’s Day with CBD

Valentine's Day has once again reared its little head and the whole world seems to have gone mad for it. 

Your Instagram feed is full of it, force-feeding you with pink and red hearts, whether you want it or not. But putting the typical Valentine’s Day to one side, have you thought about loving yourself? Have you thought about evolving your self-care routine to include CBD on Valentine’s Day?

Self-love comes in many forms, but in simple terms, it starts with being generally nice to yourself. Sounds easy enough. But if you struggle to show yourself the kindness you deserve, we’ve put together a list of easy-to-do self-care hacks and how CBD can feature in your routine:


Start the day with positive affirmations

The power of the mind is undoubtedly one of our most undervalued powers.

Let us explain with an example:

If you were placed in a dark room in a house down a spooky quiet lane. Then once you were in there someone told you that the house was haunted and to be really careful, you would be petrified and spend the whole time driving yourself mad with extreme fear. Your mind has decided that the place is haunted and it has convinced you to be scared. 

Now imagine how powerful it can be when you start telling yourself pleasant, positive affirmations. Positivity will drive away your negative emotions and help you realise, it is simply a room in a house and everything will be fine. You really do hold the power to determine how you feel! 

Try starting each day by saying out loud any of the following positive affirmations:

  1. I am becoming a better person every day
  2. I wake up and feel motivated for the day
  3. I have people in my life who love me
  4. I make a positive difference to the people around me and the world I live in
  5. I have the power to achieve anything I want to


Set aside time to do an activity you love

Feed your soul by doing an activity that you love

Whether that be trying something creative such as:

  • a form of arts and crafts, 
  • baking your favourite Valentine’s Day special CBD brownie recipe, or; 
  • maybe even getting back into a sport that you loved as a kid! 

The possibilities really are endless when it comes to setting time aside to do something that you love. And if you haven’t found a hobby that you love, it’s never too late. Trying new things and challenging yourself is a really good form of self-development and mindfulness. You never know, you could just end up as the next karate black belt!


Nourish your body and cook your favourite meal

One of the simplest and most basic forms of self-love is looking after ourselves from the inside

Your mind and body will absolutely love you for feeding it wholesome foods rich in nutrients. 

Gut health plays a huge part in our overall health, with the gut being the epicentre of the body it is responsible for breaking down the foods we eat and absorbing all the nutrients from them. Choosing a diet high in fibrous foods rich in prebiotics and probiotics will give your gut the best possible chance at doing your body justice.


Pamper yourself in the comfort of your own home

Self-care Sunday? How about self-care every day

Pampering yourself can be as simple as taking a warm bath or shower with some of your favourite products to luxuriously lather your limbs! Try putting on a calming meditation soundtrack in the background and use this time to mentally and physically unwind. Indulge in a facemask or perhaps just sip a simple cup of cocoa (or even a cheeky glass of wine if that’s your thing!). And what better way to finish off a self-care pamper session than a relaxing dose of CBD? Make pamper time all about you. No distractions, just you and yourself. 

If you or your partner are interested in self-care then get them to try one of our CBD Valentine’s Day gifts.
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