Easy ways to get your 5 a day

Easy ways to get your 5 a day

Eating healthy isn’t something that many people feel like they are capable of doing,  with high prices on healthy food items and a sense of food becoming dull in taste and flavour. But don’t fret, there are many easy ways to incorporate your 5 a day into your daily diet.

Why 5 a day is important for your diet

Before getting into the why, it is imperative to know what 5 a Day is. To put it briefly, it  is the recommended intake of fruit and veg by the World Health Organisation to lower the risk of diseases and maintain a balanced diet.

Fruits and Veg contain some of the most important nutrients and minerals to keep your body healthy and it can be consumed in a versatile manner ( canned, frozen, fresh, juiced).

Since there are a large variety of fruit and veg, you can choose which ones you prefer and start incorporating them into your daily diet.

Watch your fruit sugar intake.

Surprisingly, some fruits can contain an alarming amount of natural sugars which still has a negative effect on the body. Like most foods, it is important to eat fruit moderately too and this means watching out for high- sugar fruits such as mangoes and grapes which both contain a combined whopping 38 grams of sugar per cup, according to a Women’s Health Magazine article.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consume high-sugar fruits, but perhaps combine them with low-sugar fruits like Kiwi and Apricot which offer 9.4 grams of sugar per combined fruit, according to a Verywell article. 

In this way, you will still be able to enjoy your fruits with a little less guilt over the sugar content. 

Ways to up your fruit & veg intake

It can seem difficult to up your fruit & veg intake if it isn’t something you regularly eat. However, it doesn’t have to be this way when you have a good idea of what fruit and veg you do like, as there are so many to choose from.

One of the most effective ways to up your intake is to get pre-packaged salad mixes and stir-fry veg without any added sauce or dressing. These usually contain the raw vegetables as they are and are an incredibly easy way to incorporate veg if you don’t particularly like cutting individual vegetables, which can be time-consuming for those with a busy schedule. 

Another way is to make a smoothie! To avoid adding excess sugar, try slightly ripe  fruits compared to overripe, and combine with a vegan yogurt or a plant-based milk and blend away. This would be a great option for those who don’t like eating whole fruits.

One more way is to make sure that throughout the day, fruit and vegetables are always on your plates for whatever meal you’re having. Once you get into the habit of doing this, you’ll find it much easier to maintain a healthy intake of fruit and veg.

Reminders about your intake.

If you find yourself forgetting to eat fruit and vegetables, there are few ways to keep yourself on track.

Create your weekly shopping list and make fruit and vegetables your main priority. You can do this by putting them at the top of the list so that way, you know to get them when you shop.

You can use reminder apps on your phone to urge you to have some fruit and vegetables on a daily basis. Make it simple and make sure your notifications are on.  Or if that feels too tech-savvy, simple post-it notes are a great and easy way of setting reminders.

Incorporating CBD into your daily diet

Eating fruit and vegetables doesn’t have to be boring, and incorporating CBD in daily diet can be easily done with unique recipes. Our Love Hemp ambassador pecastarianldn has created some wonderful CBD-infused recipes that actually contain fruit and vegetables to get your 5 a day. One such recipe is the delicious CBD Green Smoothie Bowl.

Recipe available here: CBD Green Smoothie Bowl

It’s not difficult to get your 5 a day if you are committed to incorporating fruit and vegetables on your plate everyday, and being aware of the goodness you are putting into your body. Simplifying your methods by using pre-packaged veg or making your own smoothie will allow you to enjoy your daily intake in an easy and more authentic way.

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