Your personal winter wellness guide

Your personal winter wellness guide

Winter’s nearly here and while it’s tempting to dive under the duvet in an attempt to hibernate, there are better ways to look after yourself over the coming months.

So however you’re feeling, here are four simple lifestyle hacks to help you keep well this winter.

Feeling fragile? Support your immune system

Vitamin D helps to support your body’s natural defences, but as our bodies usually generate Vitamin D from the sun, as the long and dark winter nights draw in, that’s in short supply.

However, there are some easy ways to keep your levels topped up. Try getting outside whenever you can, whether that’s 10 minutes in the garden or a walk to the local shop (whilst staying safe and following Government guidance of course).

You can also try taking a natural supplement that contains vitamin D - including Love Hemp Immune.

Feeling down? Tackle SAD symptoms

As the name suggests, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) affects thousands of people during Winter and can leave you feeling down and even depressed. Thankfully, there’s a ray of light – quite literally. Many people find ‘light treatment’ beneficial. As with the previous tip, you can expose yourself to natural sunlight (if there is any) in the morning. But you can also invest in lightboxes which help simulate sunlight, to help you feel yourself again – a quick online search will bring up different options. 

Feeling lethargic? Flex your exercise routine

Exercise doesn’t just keep you in shape, it can also improve your mood. However, when it’s dark outside, or you can’t get to the gym, it’s easy to let your exercise routine slip. Try not to feel restricted to your standard routine – feel free to mix it up a bit. Stick on some at-home workouts – there are still plenty on YouTube from the last lockdown. Or add some much-needed variety by trying something completely new, like dancing.

Feeling chilly? Keep the hot drinks coming

While it seems like a simple thing, staying warm can make a big difference to your winter wellness (see the NHS page about it here). As a rule of thumb, aim to keep your home at 18 degrees or more. Having regular hot drinks is also a good idea - this has the added benefit of keeping you hydrated as well! 

Here’s to a winter of wellness

By applying a few simple tweaks to your lifestyle, you can help support your body’s immune system throughout winter. And if you’re looking for the perfect treat to compliment your wellbeing routine - look no further than our award-winning CBD range.

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