Top tips for staying fit and active at home

Top tips for staying fit and active at home

Whether you’re still working from home, waiting for the gyms to reopen or you’re just not quite ready to leave the house yet, there is plenty you can do to stay active whilst in the comfort of your own home. Staying physically active is key to a healthy and happy life, but that doesn’t mean you have to partake in gruelling exercises to stay fit. Incorporating small amounts of physical activity to suit your lifestyle every day can make a big difference to your mental and physical health. Here we share some of our top tips to help you stay fit and active at home. 

Stair workouts

A simple yet effective activity to do at home is stair workouts. Walking on an incline or climbing upstairs helps to strengthen and tone your leg muscles, whilst keeping your heart rate up and body moving to burn calories. Try adding in 2 x 5-minute stair exercises into your routine every day to start building up stamina.

Try online classes

Since lockdown started, there are a lot more free online exercise classes at our fingertips. Online classes can help to keep you motivated whilst working out alone and you can choose a class to suit you and your needs. Whether it’s cardio, a core workout or weight training, you can find many tutorials online to help you stay active and engaged.

NHS 10-minute workouts

For those in a hurry, the NHS have a range of 10-minute, equipment-free workouts that you can do at home. It offers 6 workouts for every day of the week, including one rest day. Take a look at the quick and easy routines here.

Drink lots of water

When at home, it can be easy to stray to the snack cupboard or forget to drink your recommended daily intake of water. A healthy adult should be aiming for around six to eight glasses of water every day to keep healthy and hydrated. To ensure you reach this target, aim to split your water intake into morning, afternoon and evening, that way it is easier to manage.

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