A Guide To Natural Supplements for Stress

A Guide To Natural Supplements for Stress

It’s no surprise that stress has become an inevitable part of our lives. Whether it's due to work pressures, financial woes, health concerns, personal challenges, or a combination of factors, it can take a toll on both our mental and physical well-being, and we’d all welcome a more natural way to reduce stress. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the science of stress, the body's response to it, and explore natural supplements for stress that are believed to help to support emotional and physiological pressure and promote a sense of calm. So sit back, relax, and work your way through this comprehensive “feel-good-guide” and we’ll provide you with the knowledge you need to find the natural route to claiming back your zen.

In a study carried out by The Mental Health Foundation in 2018, they found that:

 “In the past year, 74% of people have felt so stressed they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope.”

Understanding Stress and the Fight or Flight Response

Stress is a natural physiological response that dates back to our ancestors' survival instincts. When faced with a perceived threat, the body activates the "fight or flight" response, releasing stress hormones such as cortisol. While this response was crucial for survival in the wild, our modern lifestyles often expose us to chronic stressors, leading to prolonged elevation of stress hormones which can carry a lot of potential health issues.

Stress can manifest in various ways, affecting not only our mental state but also our physical health. Elevated stress levels can contribute to increased blood pressure, disrupted sleep patterns, and imbalances in blood sugar levels among a whole array of unwanted physiological effects. Understanding this intricate connection between stress and our overall well-being is the first step toward managing and mitigating its negative effects.

How to Lower Cortisol Naturally

Cortisol, often referred to as the stress hormone, plays a central role in the body's response to stress. When stress is high, cortisol becomes elevated and can contribute to a range of health issues, making it crucial to find effective ways to lower cortisol naturally. Incorporating lifestyle changes and natural supplements into your routine can be instrumental in achieving this goal.

Let’s break this down a little further and take a look at natural ways to reduce stress:

  • Regular Exercise: Physical activity is a potent stress reliever that helps regulate cortisol levels. Engaging in activities such as jogging, yoga, or even a brisk walk can significantly reduce stress levels and promote overall well-being.  When we exercise, we release endorphins which are the natural “feel-good” chemicals that help us to deal with situations of stress or pain.  It’s our own body’s coping mechanism.
  • Balanced Nutrition: Maintaining a healthy diet is essential for managing stress. Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon and flaxseeds, have been linked to lower cortisol levels, and avoiding processed foods whenever possible is a huge bonus to overall mind and body wellness. Additionally, avoiding excessive caffeine and sugar intake can contribute to a more stable hormonal balance, as well as avoiding energy crashes which can impact general mood and our ability to deal with acute stressful situations.
  • Holistic Approach: Relaxation techniques such as meditation, breathwork and Tai Chi have proven popular in recent years, particularly in China, and are often referred to as “ancient healing techniques”. Opting to partake in such practices is a soothing and alternative way to achieve a sense of calm. Switching off from the hustle and bustle of life and setting time aside to try an ancient practice that involves you focusing on the art of being calm can help you achieve mental balance and relieve stress when life gets a little too overwhelming.

6 Stress Supplements to support mood

Nature is amazing and we are lucky to live on a planet that provides a wealth of ingredients known for their stress-relieving properties. Incorporating these supplements into your daily routine may help with relaxation and support your body's ability to cope with stress. Let's take a look at some naturally derived supplements, believed to support stress:


(Cannabidiol): Derived from the hemp plant, CBD has gained popularity for its potential to support stress management and offer a sense of calm. It interacts with the endocannabinoid system, which plays a vital role in regulating stress responses among other points of wellbeing within the body


An adaptogenic herb used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine, ashwagandha provides a range of health benefits and helps the body adapt to stress by supporting cortisol levels and therefore promoting a sense of calm.  It has been used for thousands of years and is still very popular today, it really has stood the test of time!

Rhodiola Rosea

Another plant prized for its adaptogenic properties, and known to have been used in traditional medicine for centuries, Rhodiola Rosea is a herb found growing in the mountainous and Arctic regions of Asia, Europe, and North America. Believed to support stress and anxiety, Rhodiola supports the body to adapt to various stressors and is thought to contain active ingredients that may help to support mood and levels of fatigue, therefore supporting overall well-being.

Reishi Mushroom

With its long history in traditional Chinese medicine, Reishi mushroom is believed to have calming effects on the nervous system, supporting quality sleep and relaxation. Mushroom extracts are booming at present and Reishi is one that you should consider if you are looking for a natural way to stabilise mood and remain calm.


Widely regarded for its calming properties, chamomile has been used for centuries to support with stress and sleep. Chamomile teas are often a very popular choice for those seeking to unwind in the evening, as chamomile contains compounds that interact with the relevant receptors in the brain, promoting relaxation.


A herb believed to have cardiovascular benefits, it is thought to improve blood flow and have the potential to lower blood pressure. By supporting heart health, hawthorn may indirectly contribute to stress management. This herb is also believed to contain antioxidants that may contribute to overall well-being.

Discover Inner Calm with Stay Calm Gummies & Capsules

One innovative and convenient way to incorporate stress-support supplements into your routine is through our Stay Calm Gummies & Capsules. These plant based and sugar-free products combine the power of CBD, ashwagandha, and other natural ingredients to provide a holistic approach to managing stress, all in one convenient product.  By combining the above natural ingredients into one handy product solution means a simplified journey to wellness for you.

Incorporating Stay Calm Gummies or Capsules into your daily routine provides a convenient way to support your body's natural stress response, helping you navigate the challenges of daily life with greater ease.

Managing stress is a crucial aspect of maintaining overall well-being. Understanding the physiological responses to stress and adopting natural stress-relief strategies such as meditation, time in nature, a digital-detox or some much needed time out from work can do wonders for overall well-being. Selecting the right supplements like CBD, ashwagandha, and others into your routine can also be key steps in promoting a balanced and stress-resistant lifestyle.

Embrace the power of natural ingredients to find your path to inner calm and stress reduction. 

Calm Your Mind, Soothe Your Soul.

Always consult with your healthcare professional before making significant changes to your supplement regimen, especially if you have underlying health conditions.

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