Make Working From Home Work For You

Make Working From Home Work For You

Working from home? You’re not alone. Millions of us around the world are getting to grips with working from the comfort of our kitchens, spare rooms or sofas. Whilst most of us have been working from home for weeks now, it’s ok if you haven’t quite found your sweet spot yet, even after you’ve been inundated with headlines on how to stay productive.


It’s easy to get overwhelmed and burnt out, you may even find yourself working more than you ever have done before. If this sounds like you, take a step back and think about what you can do about balancing your work with your home life, from home. If you need a little help, here are our top tips:


Get moving

Spending time outdoors can really lift your mood and reduce anxiety. Whether it’s a quick walk on your lunch break, spending a few minutes outside drinking your morning coffee, or going for a run after work, it can all make a difference.


Take a break

Take a breather – a real one. Sitting in front of the TV answering e-mails doesn’t count as winding down. The same goes for those jobs around the house. Try not to mix your home and your work to-do lists. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with putting a load in the washing machine at lunch, scrubbing the bathroom tiles between meetings doesn’t allow your mind or your body to rest. So, stop, put the kettle on and take 5.


Wrap up

At the office, when you see your colleagues leaving it’s always a sign that the day is nearing a close. Whilst working from home, and the lines are blurred, set an alarm thirty minutes before you should be coming to the end of your work day. You don’t always have to shut down precisely at that moment, but start the process of wrapping up and winding down.


Get into a routine

Creating a practice that helps you shift gears and transition from work to downtime is important. Whether it’s taking a shower, changing your outfit or straightening up your workspace.


Sleep well

Just losing an hour or two of sleep regularly can play havoc with your wellbeing, so make sure you sort your sleep schedule and rest up.


Swap perfect for progress

We’re all guilty of wanting to do it all and have everything perfectly balanced, but it’s not always possible. Instead try taking notice of the little improvements you make each week and remember, you got this.


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