Love Your Gut with Fix8 Kombucha!

Love Your Gut with Fix8 Kombucha!

This week we’ve teamed up with our friends over at Fix8 Kombucha to help you love your Gut, all in the spirit of Valentines.

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So, what is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented tea drink that originated in Asia thousands of years ago. It is simply made using 4 simple ingredients: tea, water, sugar, SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast) - that’s the kombucha culture. And, fear not - the sugar is only food for the yeast and not for you drinkers!

The drink was nicknamed the ‘tea of immortality’ for its health giving properties, and consumed by emperors and high Chinese society who believed it would make them live longer.

We now know that this was probably to do with the wonders kombucha had on gut health!

After studying Traditional Chinese Medicine and living in Shanghai, Fix8 founder Freya Twigden set out on a mission to bring kombucha to more people, and improve the nations gut health 1 sip at a time - she was quite simply, ‘fixated’ on it.

Gut-Health 101

We now know the gut is the epi-centre of our wellbeing. We are actually walking bacteria - and there are more microbes in our gut than human cells - how cool is that?

This means we need to ensure it’s functioning correctly, as Hoppocrates rightly understood: “all disease starts in the gut”. What we want is a range of different bacteria in our guts, the more variety, the better.

3 Top Reasons Gut-Health is Important:

IMMUNITY: Over 80% of our immune system is found in the gut. Happy gut = better resistant to viruses, pathogens and illness.

MOOD: Most of the production of serotonin - our happy hormones - is made in the gut. Good gut-health leads to a better production of the hormones that make us happy! The gut-brain axis is in constant communication and can dictate how we feel on a daily basis.

SKIN: ever thoughts your breakouts could be linked to your digestion? Well, we’re here to tell you they are! When our gut is inflamed it is likely to translate to elsewhere on the body too. Quite often our complexion can be improved with better gut-health, go figure?

Gut-health also affects our sleep, our nutrient absorption, and even our ability to ward off chronic illness.

How is kombucha good for the gut?

  1. Kombucha is probiotic!
    Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that are good for the gut.

  2. Kombucha is rich in antioxidants!
    Alongside antioxidants which support immune health, kombucha contains polyphenols from the tea.

  3. Kombucha contains acetic acid!
    This is what is also found in apple cider vinegar, and support detoxification and alkalising the body.

  4. Kombucha contains L-theanine!
    This is great for brain function and has calming effects on the body. We digest better when we are in a relaxed state.

Fix8 Kombucha is a delicious probiotic drink - perfect for that 4 pm slump or cold-can moment, or even a mid-week alcohol free tipple. We drink it at every occasion!

A great pairing to CBD to increase your mood and protect against inflammation in the body.

To grab 30% off Fix8 Kombucha, enter: LOVEYOURGUT at the Fix8 checkout, with free delivery too! Available until the end of Feb.

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