Love Summer, Love CBD

Love Summer, Love CBD

Summer is finally here, and the July heat is getting warmer as the days go on. Whilst the brighter days and dazzling sun is what we’ve all been waiting for since the start of lockdown, it’s important to still take care of your mind and body during the hotter months. Do you want to hear about how you can add CBD into your summer routine? We share some of our top tips to keep you happy and healthy! 

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated in the summer heat is key to staying healthy and the best way to do this is by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. The NHS recommends 6-8 glasses of water a day - this can help regulate your body temperature and prevent any heat-related illnesses. For a CBD twist, why not try adding in 500ml bottle of our CBD Spring Water to your daily intake? Each bottle is infused with 2mg of THC-free CBD hemp droplets and is the perfect way to stay hydrated, whilst getting your CBD fix.

Summer skincare routine

Sun exposure can lead to dry skin on the face and body and as we all know, it’s important to use high SPF sun cream to avoid skin damage. However, sometimes there can be small patches of skin that get missed during application and they can turn a little dry and sore. Love Hemp’s CBD Body Salve harnesses the spirit-lifting properties of the hemp plant to deep condition skin, making it perfect for after-sun skincare.

For an extra special, soothing treat, try putting a Love Hemp CBD Cellulose Fibre Face Mask in the fridge for an hour before application. This cooling and refreshing treatment helps to rehydrate and plump up skin, leaving your face looking supple and dewy. 

Keep a healthy immune system

Often, we prioritise our immune systems for the colder, winter months, but summer is equally as important. It doesn’t matter how hot it is outside, you need to have a strong immune system. Alongside staying hydrated and regular exercise, try incorporating our Vegan Love Hemp Immune Capsules into your summer routine. With a blend of essential vitamins and vitamin C & D, this product can help support your natural defences.
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