LOVE HEMP sign three-year Endorsement Agreement with two-time Heavyweight Champion of the World and Olympic gold medallist, Anthony Joshua OBE.

We are delighted to announce a three-year endorsement agreement with Heavyweight Champion of the World and Olympic Gold Medallist, Anthony Joshua OBE.  Anthony will become a key shareholder in the Love Hemp Group, and act as an ambassador for the brand being a key voice in our mission to promote wellness.  Commenting on the agreement, he says;  

“Love Hemp is a great brand with an amazing vision. The ability of CBD to improve people’s everyday lives is undeniable. I have a passion for dynamic British businesses, and for wellness, making Love Hemp a perfect brand for me to endorse and become a shareholder in.”


Anthony will play his role as an ambassador for Love Hemp, promoting us and our core values of natural wellness wellbeing.  In the longer term, we will also collaborate on a licensed range of CBD products for athletes, championing our development in our work to position CBD as internationally recognised, certified products for athletes.

“My work with Love Hemp will allow me to be involved in the Company’s aggressive growth strategy as well as developing my own branded wellness focused CBD products.  Everyone should be able to experience and enjoy the many benefits CBD provides. I look forward to working with Love Hemp to achieve this goal.”

Tony Calamita, Love Hemp’s CEO says: "We are excited and privileged to welcome Anthony Joshua to the Love Hemp family. His profile in the international sports arena is key to the ongoing growth of the Love Hemp brand into the amateur and elite sports world.

Love Hemp is a wellness company and CBD is a natural life improver. For sports men and women this means faster muscle recovery, effective pain management and reduced inflammation. We have worked hard to create a trusted and fully certified premium CBD brand with a diverse range of organic products. Via his involvement with Love Hemp Group, Anthony will help us deliver this important message to the highest levels of UK and international sport.”

We Welcome Anthony to the Love Hemp Family and look forward to the journey we will go on as a team!