Love Hemp named UK's leading CBD Brand 2020 by GHP

Love Hemp named UK's leading CBD Brand 2020 by GHP

Love Hemp are thrilled to announce that we have been awarded “LEADING CBD BRAND UK 2020” by GHP in the Commercial Cannabis Awards.

The awards aim to reward and expose those pioneering individuals and firms who have stood in the face of adversity to create a booming industry through helping those in need.

This is a fantastic recognition of our ambition to be consistent leaders and pioneers in the industry.

In their overview of Love Hemp, GHP wrote the following article:

‘We are CBD’, says Co-Founder and CEO, Tony Calamita, of Love Hemp, the UK’s leading CBD brand. that employs unparalleled scientific knowledge and experience in the manufacture and distribution of premium-quality CBD products. Offering a comprehensive selection of oils, sprays, capsules, edibles and cosmetics, Love Hemp delivers THC-free, third-party laboratory tested products with a guaranteed CBD concentration.

Love Hemp was founded in 2015 by Tony and his business partner, Thomas Rowland following Thomas’ exploration of the alternative medicine sphere for his father who was battling cancer at the time. Thomas and Tony soon recognised a gap in the UK CBD market for a high-quality and premium CBD brands and decided to fill that gap.

It is a market that is rapidly evolving and requires close attention to developments to stay at the cutting-edge. As such, Love Hemp works with scientific advisors in the UK and USA to champion market-leading research based on industry insights and measures of market growth. In recent months, the findings have seen increased demand within the cannabis industry, as consumers become more conscious and proactive about their mental and physical wellbeing. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the importance of maintaining a strong immune system has coincided with a demand for authenticity, which Love Hemp has answered with its holistic selection of superior CBD products.

The pandemic has also made significant impacts on commercial and consumer habits, with online shopping taking greater precedence. Consequently, Love Hemp has expanded its ecommerce offering to ensure continued engagement with its millions of UK customers, maintaining trust and collaboration. Love Hemp is available online, as well as in major health stores like Holland and Barrett and Boots, with some products available in supermarkets like Sainsburys.

As a result, Love Hemp has affirmed its position as a pioneer of the UK industry, breaking into the mainstream with its trusted products that have earned a 4.8 rating on Trustpilot with 90% of its reviews rewarding five-stars. Clients are able to trust in the continuous excellence of Love Hemp, which is meticulous in its operation and monitoring of its processes, to product manufacturing and onsite laboratory testing.

Moreover, in honouring its commitment to excellence for its customers, Love Hemp is constantly striving to improve its internal processes. Having been awarded the ISO 9001:2015 certification and engaging in open conversations with regulators at the FSA and EFSA, Love Hemp ensures that its products are only ever of the highest quality.

However, Love Hemp recognises that it is operating within a market that often lacks care and exhibits poor standards. New unregulated CBD products enter the UK market regularly, benefiting from the lack of education around the CBD industry and detracting from the many positives that premium brands like Love Hemp promote. In order to tackle this predicament, Love Hemp recently submitted its Novel Food dossier to the Food Standards Agency, as part of the movement towards better regulations. Love Hemp strives to deliver the highest quality THC-free CBD products and believes that the introduction of a new system will help end regulatory uncertainty.

Thomas and Tony’s close-knit team of fifty share the commitment to excellence in their products, and collaborate with a sense of purpose to maintain those standards. Working with raw material suppliers, advisors, and a wider team which regularly acquires new talent that shares the same drive and hunger for excellence as the firm, Love Hemp is able to set its visions on a bright and ambitious future.

Having launched three new CBD brands in 2020, as well as its first non-CBD range of vegan supplements called Love Hemp Life+, Love Hemp is continuing to expand its range to suit the new global markets it hopes to penetrate over the year ahead. Beginning with the North American, Canadian, and Asian markets, Love Hemp will truly establish itself as a global leader.

Closer to home, Love Hemp is expanding its production facility to accommodate the significant growth of the CBD industry in the UK and European markets that has been spurred onwards by interest from major retailers. With this expansion, Love Hemp hopes to improve its capabilities for exceeding customer expectations, whilst simultaneously enhancing a positive and empowered working environment for the Love Hemp team.
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