How To Incorporate CBD into a Hectic Lifestyle

How To Incorporate CBD into a Hectic Lifestyle

As life is getting back to normality, the hustle and bustle is reignited again, and you might be feeling a little anxious about how to maintain CBD intake amid the chaos.  But don't fret, as there are many ways to maintain some order in your life.

Set up important reminders during the day.

No matter how great your memory retention might be, chaos has a way of creeping in and clouding our thoughts and making us forget the important things we must keep on top of. To help, you can use your mobile calendar or a calendar app to set up clear and short reminders of what you need to do throughout the day (e.g. remember to buy bread and milk, or remember your daily intake of CBD!).  If technology isn’t your thing, post-it notes work wonders! Prioritise what's most important for you to do and set reminders so it’s fool-proof!

Maintain a structure for each day

Planning out your day, or even the week ahead, can help you maintain some balance in your life. Schedule important events throughout the week and keep a record of the main priorities in a diary (if you prefer paper) or a calendar app (if you’re into all things digital). In doing this, you don’t need to plan out everything, just the things that are relevant and most important, this way avoiding feeling overloaded or flustered.  Try to maintain some stability with structure, but also spontaneity for a more balanced lifestyle.

How to incorporate CBD into your lifestyle

CBD comes in many forms, whether it’s something to consume like an oil, or a topical product like our body salve. If you are someone who prefers oral intake, our Love Hemp® CBD Liquid Oral Oil Drops (available in four flavours Natural, Valencia Orange, Wild Cherry and Peppermint) are a great option for morning and evening consumption.  Make it part of your routine by leaving it by your toothbrush as a reminder, or even on your bedside table. You’ll see it in the morning when you wake up, and again in the evening before you go to bed, and this is a great way not to forget!  If you are someone who likes to take CBD as and when you need it, which may mean you want something for on the go, you could opt for our CBD Oil Atomiser Spray which is a quick and easy way of ingestion, just spray and go!  Keep it in your bag with your other important items.

As well as oil drops and sprays, you might like our edibles which are also a very easy and discreet way to have your dose of CBD when out and about.  Our Jelly Domes and CBD Dark Chocolate Balls are a sweet treat for any time of day.

If you’re interested in CBD in a different form, you can incorporate our Love Hemp® CBD Infused Body Salve into your skincare your routine. Keep it in a visible place as a reminder to use it as and when needed. 

Getting the best results

To get the best out of your CBD products, it’s important to know the dosage you need to be taking on a consistent basis.

For a beginner, we advise that you take 10mg twice per day. We also advise you choose a mild strength to start, such as 300 mg, as way to segue into a daily CBD Intake.  Over time, you can slowly build up to a daily intake of 70mg, in line with FSA guidelines.  If choosing the edibles, the 50 mg dark chocolate balls & Jelly Domes (both vegan) can be had in one serving or split, but for 600mg Jelly Domes, it is recommended that you take up to 4 and a half per day, as each dome contains 20mg of CBD. 

 All in all, incorporating CBD into a hectic lifestyle shouldn’t be a challenge as long as you set some structure, set reminders, and be consistent. Over time, it will become a natural habit.  The benefits of CBD are best felt after a consistent period of time, so take it daily and allow up to 3 weeks to feel the best results.  Allowing a few moments of calm each day to take your dose of CBD really could make the world of difference to how you face each day.

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