How to Cope with Christmas Shopping Stress

How to Cope with Christmas Shopping Stress

The big day is coming, which means that Christmas stress isn’t far behind. In fact, according to our new emoji analysis, it already began as early as the first week of November!

Here at Love Hemp, we appreciate how important it is to take care of your wellbeing all year round, and the festive season is no exception. After analysing emojis used in Christmas tweets, we’ve found out that shopping, family and money are the top three seasonal stressors.

Here’s how we worked it out, with some top tips on how to reduce Christmas stress for a more balanced holiday season. 


Negative sentiment total score for frequency of 😭 & 😩emojis assigned a -1 rating

 by the Love Hemp team

  1. Shopping: 2706 negative emojis
  2. Family: 2297 negative emojis
  3. Money: 2202 negative emojis

The data shows stressed-out emojis for Christmas shopping appearing as early as the first week of November, sustaining high levels throughout the month. 

Full negative sentiment data:

Negative emoji sentiment in November 


Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4
































“It isn’t surprising that Christmas shopping shows up as the highest stress factor so far” says Love Hemp co-founder, Tony Calamita. “With budgeting pressures and increased expectations following a smaller 2020 lockdown Christmas, shopping for presents can be a worry starting as early as weeks, or even months, beforehand."

Negative sentiment according to 😭 & 😩emojis assigned a -1 rating

 by the Love Hemp team

According to our analysis of tweets collected from 26th October to 22nd November, stress over money continues to rise - with feeling lonely during the festive season and even finding the perfect occasion dress appearing on the list of stressors too.

With Christmas anxieties mounting as the big day gets nearer, we’ve collated five tips to help manage stress during the holidays.


Tips For Reducing Seasonal Stress

Planning Ahead

Dr. Tim Rogers is a Psychiatrist and Clinical Director for the online mental health support community, Togetherall. He says: 

 “The holidays can be wonderful, happy, complicated, and stressful. They may cause a mixture of complicated situations and emotions, such as anxiety around relationships, worries about food, coping with grief, or feeling that everyone else is having a great time and you’re missing out.

“The first thing to remember is that all these feelings are valid and okay. To help with those feelings, it can be useful to plan ahead. Write down the days you’ll be surrounded by people or have a lot going on. Think through the days that might be tough and identify when you’ll need extra support or breaks. Then, set your intentions for those days. Whether it’s sleep, how you eat, how much you drink, where exercise plays a role, or whether you engage in certain conversations, set your intentions in advance so you can feel in control in the moment."

Christmas Shopping & Budgeting

Ease the pressure of buying gifts for the whole family by deciding collectively on a different shopping process this year. Think of it as a new tradition - can you all agree to only buy presents for the kids? Or place names into a hat for each family member to pick out a present for one lucky recipient each? 

It can be tempting to over-shop for presents in case of unexpected guests - keeping a box or two of chocolates on hand will mean that they’re never left empty-handed, and you left out of pocket. 

Family Feuds 

Spending long periods of time together with little breaks can turn the dial up on family tension. Every family has topics that can prove a point of contention - plan an after-lunch activity such as cards or a board game to keep conversation from drifting into touchy subjects and prove a welcome distraction!

If an argument crops up, try stepping outside and drawing on a relaxation breathing technique to help center your breath and calm any racing thoughts. It’s natural to feel heightened emotions during the festive season following a build up of excitement - take a second out and remember, no family truly matches up to a picture-perfect Christmas card. 

Social Anxiety 

Does the idea of the office Christmas gathering make you want to take up refuge in the stationery cupboard? You’re not alone. Following Covid lockdowns, it isn’t uncommon for us to feel pressure about group gatherings after periods of isolation. 

“Pre-party anxiety is real”, Tony Calamita agrees. “From worrying about what you’re going to wear to who you’re going to stand next to, it may feel like an ordeal from start to finish for some introverts, or to anyone simply recovering from lockdowns.”

It’s important to remind yourself that you are in control. Even if it may feel like the social situation is getting too much - you are entitled to leave whenever you want. Stepping into the room may be the biggest step you take that evening, or talking to someone new could be your peak. Even if you take the decision to step back and miss a party entirely, remember to use that time to reward yourself either way - we all celebrate the festive season differently.

As Tony says, “Tune into how you’re feeling, and recognise when you’ve had enough. We don’t expect everyone to celebrate their birthdays in the same way, and Christmas time should be no different!”

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