Happy, Healthy Hands: Protecting Your Hands

Happy, Healthy Hands: Protecting Your Hands

Everyday, our hands come into contact with many different products and now more than ever, we’re using a lot more hand soap, sanitiser and cleaning products, in order to curb the spread of germs. Whilst it’s important we do this frequently, contact with water and chemicals can often leave our skin feeling dry, sensitive and a little sore at times. To help you out, here are some of our top tips for keeping hands happy and healthy. 

Wear gloves

When using harsh chemicals whilst cleaning your home, try and wear gloves where possible. This creates a protective barrier between the skin and the products you’re using. If you have particularly sensitive skin, try to avoid wearing rubber gloves for too long as the build-up of heat and sweat can irritate your skin further.

Dry your hands properly

Drying your hands thoroughly is almost as important as washing them. Not drying your hands properly can make your skin dry-out, leaving it sore and agitated. When you’re at home, try using soft cotton towels to dry your hands as this will be a lot softer on your skin than using paper towels – just be sure to wash them regularly to prevent transmission of potential germs.

Moisturise frequently

Everytime you wash or sanitise your hands, it’s important you follow the process with a cream or salve to soothe the skin. Love Hemp’s CBD Salve is made with only organic ingredients, hand-blended to deeply condition and repair skin using the spirit-lifting properties of the hemp plant. Simply add a pea-sized amount of the salve into the centre of your palm and massage thoroughly to nourish your hands.

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