Emotional Escape Rooms to Boost Your Mood

Emotional Escape Rooms to Boost Your Mood

What is an Emotional Escape Room?

Unlike other escape rooms, you won’t find yourself plotting to leave this kind in a hurry. Combining interior design and wellness trends, this year’s Pinterest Predicts pinpointed different rooms in the home designed for different moods. 

By prioritising self-care at home, “people will plan their great (indoor) escapes and designate rooms in their homes to decompress, vibe and rage,” Pinterest advised.

According to wellness and interior experts, Pinterest has tapped into a post-pandemic phenomenon.

Love Hemp CEO, Tony Calamita said “Emotional Escape Rooms are this year’s big wellness trend but it shouldn’t just be for those who can afford it. We spoke to other experts in the interior and wellness industries to discuss how beneficial an Emotional Escape Room can be and we have also put some tips together on how to create one in your own home without blowing the bank.”

“Finding a space which allows each individual to enjoy a bit of relaxation and escapism is non-negotiable,” wellness expert and celebrity psychic, Inbaal Honigman, suggests.

“We all need it. A bit of emotional distance from all the things that drag us down, so that for a short while - we can just BE.”



“Whether it’s a place to relax, workout or to enjoy hobbies, having wellness spaces within our homes allows us to have a designated personal sanctuary which separates ourselves from daily life,” senior interior designer at Rowan Homes, Rosie McDonnell, agrees. 

“People who work from home may feel like they need a separate area which is purely for relaxation and reflection; a great way to improve work / life balance. It is important for us to have space to slow down and enjoy being at home, something which has become much more apparent since the pandemic.”

“Many locations outside the home have long functioned as escape rooms - a local coffee shop, a quiet park bench by the lake, the gym,” Inball continues. 

“When lockdowns hit, and with many left unable to access their emotional escape locations, the need arose for each person to create their own spaces. Finding an emotionally safe space from your significant other was also a need heightened by lockdowns - even the closest couples can't be under each other's skin all the time.”

Our research showed that Google searches in the past two months since Christmas Day demonstrated a 70% rise in ‘home improvement’ queries. With a 40% increase in ‘how to meditate’ and 150% rise in searches for ‘basic yoga poses’, we are searching for relaxation remedies with the new year.

According to our research of Google Search Trends, the new year brought new interior design trends into our homes. From relaxation to recreation, searches for ‘yoga room’ more than doubled in interest between 25th December 2021 and 2nd January 2022, whilst searches for ‘crystal rooms’ increased by 8x, with queries for creating a ‘tiny library room’ shooting up 12x.

How To Create Your Own Emotional Escape Room

Rosie McDonnell shares her own expert home interior tips for creating a calming space to reconnect and revive.

Maximise daylight

“Try positioning your desk or sitting area next to a window, or position mirrors opposite your windows to reflect daylight into the space,” Rosie suggests.

“Whilst natural light is important for these spaces, the use of artificial light can also have a significant effect on our mood and positivity. Layered lighting that includes lamps, functional ceiling lighting and LED details which can be controlled and dimmed to suit both the use of the room and the time of day are key for creating a calm yet uplifting home.”

Focus on decor 

“Add touches of nature such as floral displays or plants as a way to bring the outside in. Soft furnishings and textures will add softness and depth to your room, whilst artwork and decorative items are a quick and easy way to add personal touches.”

“2022 will see a trend in curved forms, including furniture such as sofas, chairs and accent tables, which are a great way to add organic shapes into the home,” Rosie adds.

Make your Space multifunctional

“Furniture that can be folded or nested to create space for workouts will make the most out of limited spaces. Clever storage solutions will help to organise any clutter in your space and will create a room which feels calmer and less overwhelming. This can also help to transition from one room function to another and will store away anything that isn’t needed on a daily basis.”


Relaxation Room Ideas


Step inside Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Vera Powles’ homemade relaxation space for yoga and meditation.

Our environment has a major impact on our ability to maintain healthy habits, so I wanted a space where it was easy for me to roll out my mat and where my meditation cushion would always be ready for me,” Vera explains. “Removing even the tiniest inconvenience can help us to be more consistent. I was inspired by my travels and wellness retreats and wanted to create the same atmosphere at home and tap into that feeling every day.”

Yoga At Home

“My yoga room has been life-saving, especially during lockdowns. Being able to be self-sufficient and prioritise my health without the need to leave my house has increased my confidence, built my consistency and helped me to live through uncertainty. Because I can easily practice yoga at home, my fitness levels have increased and I feel stronger than ever.”

“My favourite part is the meditation corner because it really appeals to my sense of aesthetic and has some of my favourite things such as plants, candles, crystals, my essential oils diffuser and crystal bowls. Just sitting here for a few minutes every day brings me such a sense of calm and I have had so many insights and changes in perspective that have helped me to deal with difficult emotions.”

Need a break? Try recreating Vera’s meditation room to help open up a little headspace in any small space. 

Inbaal recommends choosing calming colours that are associated with water, from a sumptuous mauve sofa to navy walls and turquoise accessories. A firm believer in crystal rooms too, she also suggests introducing crystals that match how you would like the space to make you feel. Whether it’s rose quartz to promote loving thoughts or selecting some moonstone to spur on creative ideas, you can set your mood with the right surroundings.

Craft Room Ideas

Create a home workshop worthy of some creativity with some clever craft room storage. 



Home Library Ideas

Looking to nail that library aesthetic? Take a leaf out of Pinterest’s book with these bookshelf ideas.

Why an Emotional Escape Room Works

“Big or small, an emotional escape room is about each unique person's individual needs and preferences,” Inbaal suggests. 

“To make the most of your space, plot out the boundaries clearly. When you're inside the space, even if it's not a whole room, you set your own rules. Are phones allowed? Is anyone allowed to talk to you? Is it compulsory to have a book when you enter? Set your ground rules, set your borders, and walk into your own individual space.”

Following her meditation room transformation, Vera is hooked. “I would absolutely recommend creating your own emotional escape room to EVERYONE! You don't need a large room, or even a full room to experience the benefits. A small corner is all you need.”

“Build that space for yourself and allow the things that make you feel good into your life. We spend a lot of time thinking about our wellness and lifestyle goals without putting the right systems in place to achieve them. Having the space to work on your goals will support your consistency and increase your happiness.”

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