CBD Oil Shampoo Recipe

CBD Oil Shampoo Recipe

For most of us, when our hair is looking happy and healthy, we feel happy and healthy. However, there are so many factors that can cause unhealthy hair and in turn, leave us feeling a little unhappy. Whether it’s heat damage, the climate, diet or even over-washing - there are many reasons why your hair could be in need of a pick-me-up. But did you know you can use CBD oil for hair, transforming your tresses and leaving them happy and healthy?

CBD Oil for Hair

Dry, brittle hair may be a sign of hair damage, but a concoction of CBD oil added into your self-care routine can help to replenish lost moisture and revive fragile locks. 

Our hair is made up of keratin, a protein with amino acids at its core. Hemp similarly contains natural amino acids, along with fatty acids and vitamins, including Omega 3, 6 and 9. Plus, with natural emollient properties, CBD oil may work as a moisturising treatment to help hydrate dry hair strands and soothe the scalp.

Our CBD oil contains organic, gluten-free and vegan hemp extract with no additives at all, and due to the moisturising properties of the hemp plant, it can help leave your hair feeling silky smooth.

Try this easy-to-follow CBD shampoo recipe using CBD oil to help boost your journey towards healthier hair. 

Make Your Own CBD Infused Shampoo



  1. Simply add 1 tablespoon of baking powder to 2 tablespoons of CBD oil, then mix together with 1 cup of water until you have a dense shampoo-like consistency.

Top Tip: You can create your own hair edit to suit your hair type by adding in essential oils. Soothe sensitive scalps with a few drops of tea tree oil, or add some castor oil to improve hair texture and encourage hair growth. 


More Tips for Avoiding Hair Breakage

Skip the tight hairstyles

Constantly wearing your hair in a bun or high ponytail can place pressure onto your strands, potentially leading to temporary hair loss if maintained over time. Try to switch up your hairstyles to avoid adding tension onto the same areas. 

Towel dry differently

Hair is already more compromised to breakage when wet. Try ‘blotting’ your hair with the towel instead of roughly rubbing your wet hair with a towel, and let it dry naturally when you can.

Turn down the heat 

If you still heat-style regularly, try to alternate  heat-free days and substitute a CBD-infused shampoo into your hair care routine to help replenish lost moisture. 

Treat yourself with a massage 

What could be more relaxing than a CBD deep scalp massage? Scalp massages can help ease stress and tension, and can even help to promote hair growth. For a deeply relaxing massage, try switching your usual hair care treatment with a small amount of CBD oil. You could even pick a flavoured CBD oil such as peppermint or orange, for an extra special scented treat for your luscious locks. Try adding a few drops of CBD oil to coconut oil to create the perfect concoction for a scalp massage to help stimulate hair growth.

Leave it in

For an extra-indulgent hair care pamper, try an overnight CBD oil treatment. If you’re struggling with dry or brittle hair, try this intense treatment once a week to help maintain healthy-looking hair. Simply massage the oil from root to tip and if you have long hair, use a loose hairband to tie your hair back before you go to sleep. Make sure you lay a towel over your pillow before you sleep to avoid the product transferring on to your bedding.

From CBD coffee to CBD chocolate, our CBD oil can be added to almost anything! We would love to see how you get on with our CBD recipes. Head over to our Instagram and tag us in your CBD creations.
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