CBD Infused Cherry Fizz Cocktail

CBD Infused Cherry Fizz Cocktail

CBD Infused Cherry Fizz

Saturday 13th August can only mean one thing - National Prosecco Day!

We love cocktails and mocktails... in fact we love any type of tipple to tantalise the taste buds, especially in this current heatwave! What better way to bling up your prosecco cocktail than adding a hint of our Wild Cherry CBD oil, brought to you by Love Hemp ambassador @pescatarianldn . Try it and love it! 

Ingredients (1 serving)

O.5ml Wild Cherry CBD Oil Drops 1200mg (20mg)

5 Fresh Cherries (pitted), plus 1 for decoration

c.125ml Prosecco

(Opt.) 25ml Sugar Syrup



  1. Blend the CBD, cherries and sugar syrup together until smooth.
  2. Fill the glass with your puréed cherry mixture and top with Prosecco.
  3. Thread a cocktail pin or a skewer with a cherry and place in the glass as decoration. Serve immediately and enjoy! 

If cherries are no longer in season, we recommend using cherries from a jar along with sugar syrup.

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