CBD-Infused Amaretto Sour

CBD-Infused Amaretto Sour

By @pescatarianldn

Amaretto is known for its characteristic almond-like taste however contrary to popular belief the recipe does not contain any almonds. The full recipe is a secret, but we do know that the distinctive taste comes from apricot kernel oil.

6 months ago, I would have said I am a red wine drinker through and through, but I have started to get migraines from wine even after just one small glass. As a result, I have started experimenting with different spirits and cocktails to try and find something else I could have as a treat. Mostly simple cocktails that you can make easily at home without too much effort. My current favourite is this CBD-infused amaretto sour which took me by complete surprise. My prior memory of amaretto was somewhat tainted by my university experience of it, which wasn’t the most …elegant.

One of the reasons I love this cocktail is that it is enjoyed by both men and women, which also makes it a great option to make when hosting! If there was a list of gender-neutral cocktails, I reckon this would be on it.

Over the past few years CBD cocktails have been on the rise, it’s so exciting to see more and more bars embracing CBD! With all the wonderful benefits CBD has to offer, adding a little to your cocktails just makes total sense! CBD oil can be a little tricky to dissolve in some cocktails, but in this recipe the egg white acts as a fat source which binds well with CBD oil.


2ml Love Hemp® CBD Oil Wild Cherry Liquid Drops 1200mg strength, 20mg per drink

200ml Amaretto

120ml lemon juice (c. 4-5 small lemons)

1 egg white

Cherries in syrup, for garnish

Orange or lemon slice for garnish



  1. Vigorously dry shake (without ice!) all ingredients in a cocktail shaker, or a large jar with a lid for 15 seconds. If you shake with ice first time around, you will not get a foam on the drink.
  2. Add some ice to the shaker and shake again to chill the mixture.
  3. Pour the mixture into four short glasses over ice and garnish with a slice of orange and cherries.

Always drink responsibly. This drink is dangerously delicious so please remember your limits.

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