CBD Infused Fudge Recipe

CBD Infused Fudge Recipe

This week our CBD Snack Series brings you CBD fudge! It's vegan, it's delicious, and it's 7mg CBD per piece.  Even if you're not a dab hand in the kitchen, this recipe ranks high on the easy scale, and can be done by anyone. The best thing about it?  It can be adapted to include any ingredients you like! You could add chopped up cherries, orange zest, or how about a few glugs of rum to really spice things up!  

For a step-by-step video guide, check out our Instagram Reel here.


400g dark chocolate

200ml coconut milk

1tbsp maple syrup

70mg Love Hemp CBD oil (we used orange flavour so a subtle orange twang)

1tbsp peanut butter



Break the chocolate into small chunks

Heat the coconut milk until small bubbles start to appear

Add the coconut milk, maple syrup and CBD to the chocolate, mix until all fully melted and combined

Pour the mixture into a lined baking dish

Melt the peanut butter, then swirl into the chocolate mix with a wooden skewer

Refrigerate for a couple of hours

Cut into 10 chunks.  This will give you 7mg CBD fudge chunks.


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