CBD Chocolate Protein Shake

CBD Chocolate Protein Shake

The Power of Protein

If you didn’t manage to use up all your Easter Eggs, we have the perfect solution with our CBD protein shake, Easter edition.  All the goodness of a post workout protein shake, with the added aid of CBD to support with post-performance recovery, and a cheeky little cream and Easter Egg chocolate topping, because who doesn't deserve a chocolatey treat every now and then!?

Protein is an essential nutrient that is necessary for the proper functioning and maintenance of the body, being one of the three macronutrients that our body needs, along with carbohydrates and fats. Protein plays many important roles in the body, including building and repairing tissues. It is essential for the growth and repair of muscles, bones, skin, and other tissues in the body, which is why protein shakes are a fantastic option to replenish the body after exercise.

It is also essential for enzyme function as many enzymes in the body are typically made up of proteins. Enzymes are responsible for catalysing chemical reactions in the body, including those involved in metabolism, digestion, and the breakdown of toxins.

Hormones are important for regulating a variety of bodily functions, including growth and development, metabolism, and reproductive processes, and some hormones are made up of proteins or rely on protein structures for their function.  So it is clear to see why protein is such an important food group, and why many people choose to supplement with protein shakes.  If you’re part of that gang, or if you’re yet to try, why not supercharge your shake with 50mg of Love Hemp CBD!?

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100g Ice

100ml Water 

100ml Milk of your choice 

50mg Love Hemp CBD Oil Drops 1200mg (Natural)

Protein powder of your choice (we used a vegan chocolate flavour)

1 tbsp Peanut butter

Spray cream

Easter eggs, smashed 


Blend until smooth

Pour into a chilled glass

Top with spray cream, melted chocolate and smashed Easter Eggs

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