CBD and Novel Food Authorisation: What Does it Mean?

CBD and Novel Food Authorisation: What Does it Mean?

The Food Standards Agency has now published a public list of pre-approved CBD products which will move on to the next stage of authorisation after the initial submission of Novel Food applications in 2020.

We are delighted to announce that Love Hemp is on the list, reaffirming our position as one of the most trusted CBD brands in the UK!

What are Novel Foods?

If you’re an avid CBD user, chances are you’ve heard of the Novel Food legislation which seeks to regulate the CBD industry and provide clarity to consumers looking for safe, high-quality CBD products.

Novel foods are foods that do not have a history of mass consumption before May 1997. This means that they must be evaluated and authorised by the food safety regulator to ensure they are fit for sale.

Novel Foods and CBD

CBD was deemed a novel food in January 2019 which meant that CBD businesses had to submit applications for all consumable CBD products before the 2021 deadline in order to continue trading. 

With the industry growing so rapidly, and brands like Love Hemp leading the way in terms of quality and transparency, the FSA began a large regulatory assessment of the CBD Industry to ensure that all CBD products were maintaining the same high standards. 

Is Love Hemp Novel Food Compliant?

We can confirm that Love Hemp is on the list of pre-approved CBD products, enabling us to progress through to the final stage of authorisation. With over 800 brands submitting applications for approval, only a portion of these made the cut and we believe that this reflects our core ethos of safety, quality and transparency. The public list released by the FSA includes all of our submitted products and enables Love Hemp to continue trading legally. Love Hemp is proud to be the leading CBD brand in the UK*, and our inclusion on the FSA list published on 31st March 2022, is a testament to that. 

*Global Health & Pharma Commercial Cannabis Awards, 2021

What does this mean for the CBD Industry?

For Love Hemp, this means we can move forward with the confidence that we are a trusted force in the UK CBD market. It also opens the doors for us to launch some new and exciting products in the near future. We already have an incredibly loyal community surrounding our products and we intend to grow as we always have. Love Hemp was founded to deliver pure, high-quality CBD products to support the health and wellbeing of our customers who are paramount to our success. 

For the wider industry, CBD is already booming and it is only a matter of time before it becomes a mainstay in everyone’s cosmetic bag, gym bag, bedside table and bathroom cupboard. With the launch of CBD on Ebay, the industry is anxiously waiting for social media platforms to loosen their restrictions on advertising as the safety and application of CBD becomes understood by a wider audience. 

The most important outcome of the FSA listing, however, is quality. With the industry growing so fast, there was always a risk of poor quality products making it to market to capitalise on the growth. Now customers can shop with confidence, knowing that the brands on the FSA list are credible.


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