5 Tips for Finding Zen in the Chaos of Everyday Life

5 Tips for Finding Zen in the Chaos of Everyday Life

When you’re stuck in the fast pace of modern life, it can often feel overwhelming and no matter how strong your resilience - such pressures can be a burden on even the smallest of joys. But thanks to Zen, a meditation-based form of Buddhism, it is possible to find a sense of calm amid the chaos of everyday life. All it takes is a few simple, yet effective techniques!

To help you on your way, we’ve put together 5 tips for developing peaceful Zen habits. So grab your herbal tea, take a seat, and read on…

Slow Down Your Mind

When your mind is racing, you can’t fully pay attention to what is going on around you. Luckily, there are things you can do to train your mind and slow down your pace of life, such as practising yoga, reading a book, or just taking a moment out of your day to listen to your thoughts. Combine this with a simple breathing technique, and you’ve got a powerful tool to combat the chaos of everyday life - and help you feel more Zen.

Practice Mindfulness Exercising

It’s perfectly natural for your mind to wander when you’re taking time out of your day to breathe. But don’t judge yourself or obsess over the contents of your thoughts. Just focus on your breathing and return your attention to the present moment.

Learn to Say ‘No’

If you’re having a stressful day, avoid taking on new tasks. It’s important to prioritise and manage your time well in order to reduce the mental clutter. So, if there are some things you can do tomorrow, postpone them or delegate a few tasks to someone else.

Remember to Laugh!

Happiness is the place where Zen lives, and laughter is good medicine for your mind, body and soul. Not only will a good belly-laugh trigger the release of endorphins to boost your mood, but it will also protect you from the damaging effects of stress and connect you to others.

Wake up Early

There’s a natural sense of calm in the early morning, particularly if you wake up in time to watch the sunrise. The morning hours are often the quietest, making it the perfect time to find Zen which will help set you up for the day ahead.

No matter how busy life can get, it’s always important to find time for peace. That way, you’ll be able to live your best life while being present in it.

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