3 Mindfulness Activities to do this Easter Weekend

3 Mindfulness Activities to do this Easter Weekend

Easter celebrations are set to be very different this year as most of us will be spending it in our own homes due to lockdown. Easter is a time of celebration but making plans for a four-day weekend stuck indoors can seem overwhelming, and even stressful for some.

Practicing mindfulness is a great way to relax whilst managing your thoughts and feelings, and you can even put an Easter spin on some mindfulness activities too. We share our top 3 mindfulness activities to do this Easter weekend.


  1. Crafts to keep you calm


Exercising the mind through crafts is a great way to spark creativity whilst reducing anxiety and worries. Whether you’re spending the weekend on your own, with a partner, friend or family member, or maybe you have children to entertain too – crafts can help calm all ages.


There are lots of DIY crafts available online for all abilities, but even just doodling with some paper and pens is enough to relax your mind. If you want to put an Easter twist on your crafts, try printing off an Easter template and colouring it in with no distractions.


  1. Food for thought


Often, we’re easily distracted by technology, the people around us and even our thoughts, to even think about the food we are eating. Try taking some time out to really bring your attention to your senses whilst eating. Whether it’s 10 minutes alone with a cup of tea and an Easter egg, or half an hour enjoying an evening meal, take some time to be present whilst appreciating the food you’re eating. 


  1. Breath by breath


Mindfulness breathing can be practiced whenever and wherever you are. By simply taking some time out to be still and focus on your breathing, it helps you reconnect with your inner self. Start by sitting in a comfortable position, ideally the lotus position if you can, and take long, slow breaths in and out until your body and mind feels more relaxed.


Studies show that breathing exercises can help encourage positive thoughts whilst reducing anxiety, so if you’re feeling slightly overwhelmed this weekend, take 5 minutes to focus on your breathing.

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