New Year, Better You: How CBD Can Support Your New Year's Resolutions

New Year, Better You: How CBD Can Support Your New Year's Resolutions

The start of the new year often fills us with optimism. And this leads many people to make sweeping changes in their life. They pledge to lose weight, eat better, stop drinking, quit smoking, improve their sleep and on and on. 

While starting the year with a healthy dose of optimism might be a positive step, it isn’t always the best way to make these changes stick. Sometimes it's better to make smaller changes that are easily adopted. And these changes could start with something as simple as adding CBD oil to your daily routine.

New Year’s Resolutions are all about making small improvements to your life, usually related to health and wellness. So what better way to start than by committing to support your endocannabinoid system and look after your mental and physical health from the inside? It’s a small step, but committing to this one simple daily routine could give you the push you need to commit to bigger resolutions. 

Why do we make resolutions?

For most people, the New Year is a blank slate and an opportunity to make sweeping positive changes. The tradition has been around for thousands of years and is thought to have started with the Ancient Babylonians, who would make promises to the Gods to repay their debts or return borrowed objects.

Today, the tradition of more about making small contracts with yourself, relying on self-motivation and self-efficacy to keep you on track. The key to sticking to your resolutions is to make sure your goals are specific, achievable and carefully planned.

How can CBD help?

If you’re committed to making positive changes in 2023, then CBD should be a core part of your self-care routine. It’s a simple and effective way to support your body on your journey to better health and wellness.  Taking CBD, a naturally occurring compound known as a cannabinoid which is found in hemp, works directly with your internal endocannabinoid system.  This is a system that creates endocannabinoids (the human version of cannabinoids) and encourages beneficial changes in the body.  Ranging from balancing mood and appetite, to supporting sleep and physical recovery from exercise or injury.   Choosing to start a new health routine as one of your New Year's resolutions could start as simply as taking CBD every morning, and keeping this by your coffee machine or kettle as a daily reminder to have it with your morning tea or coffee. Make your new healthy habits fool proof! If you’re new to CBD, why not start by trying our best selling 1200mg CBD oil drops, or go bigger with our CBD Starter Kit which comes with a money-back-guarantee!

How to make better New Year’s Resolutions

If you find yourself making sweeping changes to your diet, exercise routine and sleep patterns on the 1st of January, only to find that you’ve discarded all of these changes by the 4th of January, you might be curious to know why this is the case.

We are creatures of habit, and routines that are familiar to us make life easier. Our lives are incredibly complex, but habits and routines help to simplify things. And this is why changing things is so difficult.

When you change your eating habits, you might have to change the way you buy food. You might have to learn new recipes. And you might have to put more time towards planning your food intake. This is a significant change in your daily routine. So it’s no surprise that individuals often fail to stick to their New Year’s Resolutions.

It’s not because we are incapable of change. It’s simply because we need more support to be able to make these changes. And this all starts with making better New Year’s Resolutions.

Focus on making the right changes

Studies have found that we have more success changing habits when we focus on approach-oriented goals, rather than avoidance-oriented goals. What does this mean, exactly?

Deciding to improve sleeping or eating habits will be more likely to succeed than deciding to avoid doing something. This doesn’t mean you should skip these goals entirely, but framing them in a different way might help you to stay on track.

And if you’ve tried to make a New Year’s Resolution before and failed, don’t make the same one again. Look at why you failed and then make adjustments so that 

Change one thing at a time

It’s tempting to completely overhaul our lives and start living the aspirational life of an Instagram influencer, but making sweeping changes overnight won’t last. Instead, you should focus on making one or two small changes at a time, and then wait for those to become a habit.

Taking small baby steps towards our goals will be more effective than attempting a complete overhaul and then quitting after a few weeks. So, your long-term goal might be to lose weight and feel healthier, but the goals you put in place will be more achievable. 

You might start by improving your sleep habits. Once you’re sleeping better, you might find it easier to hit 10,000 steps per day. Once daily movement is a habit, you might find that your eating habits start to improve. By the end of the year, you will have changed so many of your daily habits that you will inevitably achieve your goal of losing weight.

Your motivation will stay strong throughout the year because you will be proving to yourself that you can make positive changes. Achieving one goal will naturally lead to a boost in self-belief that will give you the push you need to pursue your next goal.

Make a plan

Planning is essential if you want to succeed in making lifestyle changes. Don’t just say you want to eat better – ask yourself how you will eat better, and what steps you need to take to be able to make this happen.

We often fail at New Year’s Resolutions because we don’t have the time or resources to make it happen. For example, if you decide you want to start going to the gym, you need to ask yourself how you will make the time for the gym.

Don’t assume that your life and schedule will just adjust to this change, you need to be active in planning these changes.

Be kind to yourself

Your New Year’s Resolutions should come from a place of kindness to yourself, not from a place of punishment. If you’re unhappy with your weight or unhappy with your career path, you need to make changes out of love for yourself.

Make time for self-care and relaxation alongside all of the changes you plan to make. This is the best way to ensure you stay on track with your plans.

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