CBD for Winter Wellness

CBD for Winter Wellness

With the buzz of New Year now far behind us, there's no denying we all need a little extra help in the winter months when it comes to wellness (in all forms). Whether it’s dry skin cracking in the cold or dark nights giving way to low moods, you might find you need a little extra wellness boost to get you through to spring. CBD can help you achieve balance throughout the year, and this support might be particularly welcome in the winter months.

CBD is a natural compound extracted from the cannabis plant. Since it doesn't have an intoxicating effect, it won't get you high, but it can help you to achieve a balance and a sense of calm. CBD is available in many different formats, including oils, capsules and balms. You can also add it to your favourite recipes for a simple way to support your wellbeing.

As the wellness experts, we want to share our top tips for staying healthy, happy and supported throughout the winter months. In this guide, we’ll explore why you need a little extra support and what you can do to stay on top of your health. We’ll also share some ways you can add CBD to your daily routine to improve your sense of winter wellness.



Winter in the UK is bad news for your skin. The cold weather leads to lower humidity which can leave your skin dry and flaking. Heading indoors to stay warm is no better, as central heating is also known to dry out your skin.

Alongside adequate hydration, your skin also needs a little extra protection to prevent drying. Thankfully, a good CBD balm packed with moisturising and soothing ingredients including organic coconut oil and a range of essential oils, can help to restore the moisture barrier and protect your skin from flaking and cracking. Our CBD body salve is deeply nourishing without leaving the skin feeling greasy. Pop a jar in your bag so you’ve always got it handy when the cold air bites.



Many people who suffer from joint issues will notice that the effects get worse in the winter months due to the cold. Using a CBD product topically, such as our Body Salve, is a great way to get the active ingredient as close to the issue as possible. Applying CBD directly to the skin in a balm form allows it to absorb into the specific area of concern.

This type of topical treatment is ideal as you can apply it as required and then keep it covered, without having to worry about applying something impractical like a heating pad to the area. 

In addition, you could also try adding CBD oil or capsules into your daily routine to support your joints from the inside out.



Seasonal Affective Disorder affects around 2 million people in the UK. It can affect your mood and make you feel less interested in your usual activities. It’s often linked to a change in routine that occurs during the winter months because of the shorter days.

Sticking to a routine and making time for yourself is one way to tackle seasonal affective disorder. CBD can help you to stick to a regular sleep schedule by adding a ritual to your bedtime and morning routine.

Most people choose to split-dose their CBD intake, meaning they take half in the morning and half again in the evening, for example, they may take 30mg on waking, and 30mg before bed, meaning a daily total intake of 60mg.  Dosing in this way is a good way to ensure a steady and consistent flow of CBD in your body. Finding the right serving size for your needs may take some trial and error, but it is very easy to do so. Simply start low and gradually increase until you reach the desired result.



To keep your immune system healthy in the winter months, you need to focus on eating a varied diet with plenty of vitamins and minerals, ideally from a source of whole plant foods that have not been processed.  You also need to prioritise rest, as this is when parts of your immune system are the most active. You can also try herbal and natural supplements.

Broad-spectrum CBD oil is a natural product that also contains a wide range of other plant compounds, including plant terpenes and flavonoids. Many of these compounds offer antioxidant properties, which could help to support your immune system.

For a quick immunity boost, we recommend adding your CBD oil to a warm mug of ginger and lemon tea. Delicious!

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