Love Hemp becomes one of the first UK CBD brands to join a Primary Authority Partnership

Love Hemp becomes one of the first UK CBD brands to join a Primary Authority Partnership

Love Hemp, the UK’s leading supplier of CBD products, has become one of the first UK CBD brands to be nominated into a Primary Authority Partnership.


The legally recognised partnership between Love Hemp and Buckinghamshire and Surrey Trading Standards (Surrey County Council) will deliver guidance and advice with a statutory status and support Love Hemp to be 100% compliant.


The partnership bolsters Love Hemp’s status and credibility within the UK CBD market, whilst offering customers assurance that Love Hemp is fully compliant with new and existing regulations.


At a time when the UK CBD market is heavily saturated with non-compliant products, this partnership plays a key role in the positive progression of the industry. It does not only support economic growth in the biggest decline of 300 years, but it also helps to create business certainty in a currently uncertain world.


Tony Calamita, CEO and Co-Founder of Love Hemp, says “We’re thrilled to enter this Primary Authority Partnership with Buckinghamshire and Surrey Trading Standards (Surrey County Council). This is a perfect example of how Love Hemp is pioneering the evolution of the UK CBD industry and helping to set the standard. These types of partnerships in the industry will help to close existing gaps of confusion between business owners and regulators, allowing CBD businesses to invest further knowing that they are in a fully compliant industry.”


Dr. Sepe Sehati, Chief Scientific and Regulatory Advisor at Love Hemp, says “This is yet more evidence of Love Hemp’s mission of continuing to be a standard-bearer for the CBD industry - as well as the development of a safe, legally compliant and thriving industry in the UK.”


Michele Manson, Business Team Manager at Buckinghamshire and Surrey Trading Standards, says “Existing Primary Authority Partnerships have demonstrated they can deliver real benefits for consumers and increased compliance for businesses.  We are delighted that this partnership with Love Hemp will help support the industry and illustrate how other similar enterprises can work with us to embed compliance into their business.”


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